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Orange Blossom Auto Glass Repair is your best single source for professional auto glass replacement and repair, in Davenport, Florida. We will work with your insurance company to cover the windshield repair and if necessary, we will get you a replacement windshield. Additionally, we work with you on repairs and replacements not covered by your insurance policy. We guarantee the work will be done at an affordable price and come with a lifetime warranty.

Whether you’re traveling in and around Davenport, Florida or driving around the quad cities: Haines City, Winter Haven, Lake Alfred and Dundee, your car needs to be ready to take to the road without any hesitation. That’s why Orange Blossom Auto Glass offers high-quality, professional windshield repair and windshield replacement services in Davenport, Florida.

We understand that damage to your windshield happens unexpectedly. For that reason, we make certain that our professional service techs are equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to do the repair or replacement. They each have the expertise to make rock chip repair using resin, or replacing your windshield if necessary, as hassle free as possible.

Orange Blossom Auto Glass Replacement and Repair makes certain that your car is ready for any adventure, like going to the beach or out for a day of running errands, within an hour after we’re done with the repair on your front windshield. With us, you won’t have to be car-less for longer than a couple hours at most.
The front windshield is possibly one of the most important parts of your vehicle. It protects you from debris on the road, flying insects and even inclement weather. A crack can obstruct your view of road conditions, it can also compromise the auto glass integrity and can spread, causing it to fail completely.

There are many possible reasons why your cars side window could be broken. The first time it happens, some might choose to just drive with a plastic bag covering the broken window. This is not only dangerous while driving, it also makes it easier for your vehicle to be broken into. Most importantly, though it’s not a very attractive look for your vehicle. You should have our automotive glass service center come to you and fix the issue.

Whether you’re born and raised a Floridian or have just moved here, for windshield replacement in Davenport look no further than Orange Blossom Auto Glass. We are not some small auto glass business. We have locations around the state and can afford to hook you up with our signature windshield repair and replacement services and do it at a fraction of the cost you would get elsewhere.

Windshield Replacement in Davenport, FL

When you find yourself in need of a new windshield or windshield repair an auto glass repair technician from Orange Blossom Auto Glass is there for you, and with our mobile service there is never the need to take time off from work or change your busy schedule. One of our certified mobile techs will come to you no matter where you are at no extra charge, or you can schedule an appointment at our glass service center.

Our service professionals will come to your home, your office, or any other location to meet you. They will assess the damage to your front windshield, or any other auto glass that may be damaged, and then complete the repair or replacement as needed.

Some repairs, like a windshield chip repair, can be done in a matter of minutes, while other repairs could take more time. That’s why Orange Blossom Auto Glass comes to you no matter where you are so that you can go about your day at home or office while your car window is being repaired or replaced. Equipped with the necessary equipment and expertise in our tool belts, our mobile service techs provide services that ensure the safety of you and your passengers.

Ensuring your Safety with Quality Windshield Replacement in Davenport, FL

Orange Blossom Auto Glass extends our windshield repair and replacement services to all citizens of Central Florida. From Haines City to Winter Have, Dundee to Davenport and beyond we have you covered. Whether your windshield breaks on the way to a fun day at Disney World or on a trip to Daytona Beach or Cocoa Beach, our technicians can be at your doorstep with same day service that will have your ride ready for the road within an hour after the repair is completed.

Damage to your vehicle’s windshield can be very risky. It can occur in the blink of an eye and without you even noticing what or how it happened. The smallest crack can seem inconsequential, but if it is left unaddressed it may lead to further damage as it spider webs its way across your car’s windshield. It can worsen to the point that it becomes a safety issue and may even reach the point where the glass needs to be replaced. A prompt repair is necessary to prevent this.

So, if your windshield shows the slightest sign of a crack or chip, let the professionals at Orange Blossom Auto Glass take care of it. We will deal with your insurance company so that you don’t have to. Then, one of our technicians will remedy the problem and take extraordinary quality measures to make certain that the chip or crack is repaired properly.

Vehicle owners in the Davenport area are no strangers to windshield damage. With all the road construction going on in Central Florida, chips and cracks are quite a common problem. Flying debris, extreme temperatures, accidents, or even the neighborhood kids playing around, anything can lead to a crack in your auto glass.

We have the solution to your glass repair needs in the form of expert windshield repair services. Using a mixture of high-quality resin and other chemicals, our techs can fix even the tiniest crack with precision. Whether it is done in your driveway or at our glass service center, Orange Blossom Auto Glass will go the extra mile to provide professional service.

Windshield Replacement Davenport, Florida

We offer a lifetime warranty on our services, because our goal is to keep you safe, and your car’s windshield in the best shape possible and above all else total customer satisfaction. All you have to do is, simply book your appointment and let us take care of the rest.

Our mobile services are what make us stand out. Not only do we have some of the most talented technicians performing the repairs and replacements, but they also do it at your convenience. Wherever in you might be, they will be at your service and best of all our competitive pricing and 25 years of experience beats other auto glass companies.

Complying with high and exacting auto industry standards, Orange Blossom Auto Glass offers high-quality windshield repair and replacement services to all Davenport area residents. So, whether you drive a car, a minivan, a truck or an SUV, we can mend whatever damage your vehicles auto glass might have sustained.

A lot of insurance covers windshield repairs and replacement windshields. So all you have to do is schedule an appointment with us. We will take care of the rest. We guarantee a great job done to your satisfaction and provide a lifetime guarantee on our work.

Windshield Repair Davenport, Florida

Chips and cracks are common troubles that many vehicle owners face at least once in their life. There is no need to fret over it. You can rely on our mobile windshield repair services in Davenport to get your windshield back to its original state without a worry.

Besides having a qualified team of professional repair technicians, we work with an attention to detail that is second-to-none, to ensure that whatever you drive is safe and road-ready to take on any adventure wherever the road might take you. On top of that, the mobile nature of our service allows us to provide windshield repair and replacement service wherever you are in the Orlando area or anywhere in the rest of Central Florida.

Whether your windshield has the smallest of chips or a huge crack courtesy of debris kicked up by another vehicle, we can send a repair professional to your doorstep. Expert installation, quality OEM parts, and unparalleled customer service are what you get with a premium windshield repair or replacement service performed by Orange Blossom Auto.

If your windshield has damage smaller than the size of a dime, we can fix it effectively before it gets worse. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and meticulous processes, we mend the broken or damaged glass to improve the appearance of your vehicle.

How it Works

It all starts with a phone call to our service center and a simple “I have a crack in the windshield of my car”. We will set up an appointment for one of our professional auto glass technicians to come to you or for you to come to us. Then at the time of your appointment:

· We start by evaluating the damage.
· With high-quality tools, we extract the air in the breakage with extreme care.
· Once done, we inject plastic resin into the damaged area and cure it under ultraviolet light. This mixture settles into the crack, sealing the glass back together to prevent further damage.

Our techs use OEM materials and an adhesive that keeps your windshield securely in its place, keeping you your car and your passengers safe. They will work with efficiency, completing the task as quickly as possible, giving you the chance to drive away quickly and safely within an hour after the replacement.

In Davenport, FL we are the glass repair and replacement company that beats all others through our superior customer service, our unbeatable prices, our lifetime warranty, our high quality auto glass our willingness to serve and our superior workmanship.

Windshield Replacement Davenport, FL

Reasons to call us now.

  • Affordable Services
  • Prevent Small Chips from Turning into Large Ones
  • Prevent Needing Auto Glass Replacement
  • Our Processes are Quick
  • We Use High-Quality Materials for each Repair Job
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  • We are a BBB accredited business

With us, you are promised:

  • Efficient Mobile Windshield Replacement Services in Orlando
  • Quick Handling of Auto Glass Insurance Claims
  • Communicative, Trustworthy, and Adept Technicians
  • Fast Installations
  • One Hour Safe Drive-Away Lead Time