Making Auto Glass Easier
and More Convenient
for Jacksonville

FREE Windshield with Florida Insurance

Making Auto Glass Easier
and More Convenient
for Jacksonville

FREE Windshield with Florida Insurance

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Zero $$ Out of Pocket Insurance Claims

Florida law requires a $0 insurance deductible for all windshield replacement claims

We Use Only the Highest Quality Materials

OEM glass and state of the art adhesives on every installation

We Work With Your Insurance Company

We are a preferred auto glass provider for all major insurance carriers

Free mobile service anywhere in Florida

No need to take time off from work. Our mobile technicians will come to you at no extra charge

Nationwide Lifetime Warranty

Your satisfaction is our NUMBER 1 concern and we proudly stand behind our work. Warranty Information

No Hidden Fees

There are never hidden fees for mobile service, waste disposal, sales tax and warranties. Many other companies do not disclose these costs

Fast, Same Day or Next Day Service!

In most cases, we can repair or replace your windshield within one business day

Experienced, Expert Technicians

Our certified technicians have an average of 25 years experience

Professional Auto Glass Replacement and Repair Services in Jacksonville, Florida

While mostly pleasant, Florida weather is known to be inconsistent. When summer comes around, it can get really hot. In fact, the temperatures can get high enough to make the slightest crack or chip in your windshield to spread. This can be seriously dangerous for you and the car itself.

Safeguard yourself from a potential incident by getting your windshield repaired or replaced in Jacksonville, Florida. Prompt action can prevent the damage from worsening and the structural integrity of your car intact.

Based in Florida, Orange Blossom Auto makes sure you stay safe and your car remains secure. We offer quality windshield repair and replacement services in Jacksonville that allows you to do just that.

With a team of highly skilled auto glass technicians and access to premium OEM materials, we can fix any windshield damage and replace your windshield without any issues. Besides quality services, we also promise efficiency in all our services.

With well-planned, stringent processes in place, we can get your car ready while you wait. We make sure that you can take your car on any adventure within an hour after we’re done with the job. With us, you won’t have to be car-less for longer than a couple hours at most.

Whether you’re born and raised a Floridian or just moved here, we’ll hook you up with our signature Jacksonville windshield repair and replacement services at a fraction of the cost you would get otherwise.

Why Choose Orange Blossom Auto?

  • All Windshield Replacement Claims in Florida Require Zero Dollars Out of Pocket
  • Mobile Services Allow Our Services to be at your Doorstep Anywhere in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Our Quality Services Make Us a Choice Auto Glass Service Provider with Major Insurance Carriers
  • We Offer Nationwide Lifetime Warranty with All Windshield Services
  • All Services are Offered at Low Prices, Making Us Cost-Effective
  • Efficiency is the Name of the Game at Orange Blossom Auto, Guaranteeing Same Day / Next Day Services

Ensuring your Safety with Quality Windshield Repair in Jacksonville, FL

With an average 25 years of experience under each technicians belt, we are equipped with the expertise and skills required to raise the bar of service provided. Paying attention to minute details, our technicians are effective in their work.

We understand the nature of damage a windshield can bear due to external elements. With our specialized services, we make sure that that the damage doesn’t get worse and make your windshield a liability.

Our prerogative for all our clients is to ensure their safety. For that, we have a staunch policy that requires us to comply with high industry standards. Besides individual client needs, we make sure to meet all the requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

In addition to that, we maintain strict quality control protocols and use OEM materials and state-of-the-art equipment for all our services.

This combination enables us to offer unsurpassable windshield repair and replacement services in Jacksonville, Florida.

Windshield Repair Jacksonville, Florida

Car owners are no strangers to windshield damage. Chips and cracks are quite a common problem. Debris, harsh wind, extreme temperatures, accidents, and the neighborhood kids playing around, anything can lead to a crack in the screen.

We have the solution in the form of efficient Jacksonville windshield repair services. Using a high-quality resin mixture and other chemicals, our technicians can fix even the tiniest of crack with precision.

This prevents the crack from getting worse or a potential windshield replacement in Jacksonville. On top of that, we offer a warranty on our services. At the end of the day, our goal is to keep you safe and your car in the best of shapes.

Why get Jacksonville Windshield Repair Services?

  • Affordable Services
  • Prevent Small Chips from Turning into Large Ones
  • Prevent Needing Auto Glass Replacement
  • Our Processes are Quick
  • We Use High-Quality Materials for each Repair Job

Windshield Replacement Jacksonville, Florida

You rely on your car to take you from one place to another. Whether it’s a new sports car or an older classic, you need to keep it in good shape so all your travels are safe. However, there are times where your windshield might take the brunt and get damaged.

This is where we come in. With services also offered in Jacksonville, we can come to you to replace a damaged windshield. Having mastered the skill of replacing windshields with accuracy, our technicians offer the highest quality windshield replacement services in Jacksonville.

They use OEM materials and an adhesive that keeps your windshield securely in its place, supporting your car and keeping you and your passengers safe. They will work with efficiency, completing the task as quickly as possible, giving you the chance to drive away quickly and safely within an hour after the replacement.

With Us, You are Promised

  • Efficient Mobile Windshield Replacement Services in Jacksonville
  • Quick Handling of Auto Glass Insurance Claims
  • Communicative, Trustworthy, and Adept Technicians
  • Fast Installations
  • One Hour Safe Drive-Away Lead Time


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Free windshield with Florida Insurance ALL DEDUCTIBLES WAIVED!

Fast, Free Mobile Auto Glass Replacement…
Anywhere in Florida!

Free windshield with Florida Insurance ALL DEDUCTIBLES WAIVED!

Fast, Free Mobile Auto Glass Replacement…
Anywhere in Florida!